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13 Aug

Annual arctic fall update

Its that time of year again – when the vegetation close to the arctic circle begins to turn. I thought this year it was turning earlier than usual, but looking back through my notes it was kind of interesting to note that when I was working in the tundra ON the Arctic circle, the fall […]

08 Sep

The explorers make a mad dash across the tundra…

We had to do a ‘quick’ repack in the morning to make sure all the vital essential data – and our belongings were all packed as our luggage capacity had been drastically reduced with the use of a UTV instead of a helicopter to transport us out. We weren’t even taunted in the morning with […]

07 Sep

The isolation almost comes to an end

I am lucky – I only spent 3 weeks cut off from humanity. But this evening, despite being foiled yet again by Russian manipulation, we are planning to make a dash for civilisation…. My two companions for the journey had been cut off for 2 weeks and 4 weeks (although both had endured longer periods […]

05 Sep

Changing colour on the ground

I have talked a lot about the “Grand Change in Colour” of the tundra – but keep mentioning how it was evident on the ground long before the eye could detect it at the panoramic landscape scale . So I thought today I’d pop in some photo’s of the changing leaves at ground level. 1. […]

04 Sep

Camp princess

I’m pretty good about travelling in outdoorsy situations – not known to take my hairdryer on a weekend camping trip for example. But a hot shower is nice if possible. And I’ve been lucky where I’ve been camping over the last 3 weeks or so – we’ve had a water pump dangling in a big […]

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