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08 Dec

Express post in Canada – is it worth it?

Earlier this year I became very frustrated with Canada Post as deliveries of items in the post seemed to take up to 2 months. Since writing that article, it has become one of the most-read items on this blog. However, I felt compelled to add more when someone left a jovial comment about the Express […]

12 May

Dressing for the cold – or not!

It is a rather peculiar thing, but the further north you go in the world, the less people seem to wear in the cities. For me, stinging rain, sleet, a wind chill factor below zero degrees celcius (-32F) all rather suggest I dress warmly. But as I’ve roamed the streets of such northern cities as […]

19 Feb

Starting the social cycle again

Travelling has the most amazing perks and it has some downfalls as well. The world is made of many many different cultures and all react to people in different ways – indifference, enthusiasm, curiosity, caution… And all will present many different faces to the passing traveller depending on whether the traveller is visiting or staying. […]

31 Jan

The good government

In my recent ‘entre’ into the perils of moving around internationally, I blogged about a number of foibles as you wade through the paperwork, but I am beginning to realise there are various levels of bureaucracy and one level is actually surprisingly pleasant to deal with. In fact, I had my 2nd encounter with it […]

22 Jan

So. You want to move overseas – Part 5: Driving

In some places, it is quite important to be able to drive if you want to be able to get around where you live. I have driven in many places around the world, but only needed to obtain a drivers license (due to long stay as opposed to visitor renting a car) a handful of […]

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