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29 Aug

Hiking to Wedgemount Lake, BC

This a a tale of an unrelenting hike up… then an unrelenting hike down. It’s been an abysmal year for me and long distance travelling – very unusual. So you know it’s sad when I view a 2 hour drive as long distance travelling! However, finally circumstances conspired to allow me to do an alpine […]

07 Oct

Grinding my way up the Grouse Grind

It had to be done… I’d been in Vancouver (on and off) for 5 months and I had not done the infamous Grouse Grind, Vancouver’s “Mother Nature’s stairmaster” – for the uninitiated this equates to: A trail that is a short 2.9km (1.8 miles)… …but rises 853m (2,800ft)… …and you climb up 2,830 steps (but […]

15 Jul

Bicycle lanes in Vancouver? Puh-lease!

I have to confess, there is one aspect of my newly adopted home city which I don’t understand – the animosity towards cyclists, even by cyclists themselves! Having sold my car, I was rather looking forward to working out the cycle lanes around Vancouver and cycling to destinations near and far. Imagine my underwhelment when […]

03 May

Driving into spring

I felt like I was in the movie, Twighlight Zone (1983) and the story about a boy who could do anything and his teacher… For at the end of that story, they walk off into a fairy tale sunset, carpets of colourful flowers blossuming behind them. Today, after driving across several 1000km of post-winter/pre-spring Canada, […]

01 Feb

Racoons downtown

I am currently in central Vancouver, at the Syliva Hotel, a nice boutique hotel which I have frequented for well over a decade when visiting the city. It is quaint and (the bit I like most) allows dogs. But despite the abundance of some sort of ivy on the outside walls and dogs in the […]

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