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10 Apr

Santa Cruz and the amazing Caldera de Taburiente, La Palma Island, Canary Islands

For whatever reason, I missed us docking at Santa Cruz – probably happened too close to breakfast and I was too busy! But by 9ish we were being bundled on a bus for our day tour. It was going to be interesting to see what we were going to see given it was Good Friday […]

27 Nov

An inspirational walk before a storm

For some bizarre reason, Eastern Newfoundland has been protected from a slew of snow storms which have besieged central and eastern Canada – which is all good news to me because it means I can still walk (Re: Unless the new mayor changes things, sidewalks will become unwalkable once it starts to snow…). But just […]

09 Nov

Mad moment

There is something about the miserable weather of St John’s that makes me want to stick my fist up in definace from time to time.  About once a month it would appear… Yersterday was such a day – it had rained all day and I felt like a walk. There is a ticking sense of […]

17 Feb

Frozen tide mark at Spaniards Bay

I have been very tardy of late in getting out and exploring this new part of the world to me of late. Partly this is because I was driving a gas guzzling truck and partly for personal reasons. However, got a new car – no excuse! Gotta get out there and explore! So I consulted […]

23 Mar

The Tracksuit brigade on their daily constitution

Driving or walking around Southern Norway, the one thing that is going to jump out at you (or me anyway) are the number of people out taking their ‘daily constition.’ It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, there are frequently people walking around in tracksuits or outdoor gear (if the weather is […]

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