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20 Jun

WAGs and women’s lost self-respect

There is a very real and very odd and in reality, quite depressing phenomenon going on in the UK, and I gather it has spread to Australia. Young girls dressing up in provocative outfits and hurling themselves repeatedly and incessantly at sports athletes, in particular football athletes. Their goal: to have sex with any of the players until they reach celebrity status by hooking one of the more media popular players. There are interviews in the papers and on TV with some of the more ‘successful’ women who have managed to sleep with a few ‘names,’ although they remain coy about naming the actual athlete, which I am sure is out of some respect for the athlete. But how much respect did that athlete show them by having sex with them? And how much respect did they show for themselves by thinking the only way to be successful was to sleep with an athlete (a situation probably not assisted by the fact they are now being interviewed by some tabloid media avenue…)

I guess the phenomenon began with Posh Spice (Victoria) landing her footy star, David Beckham. Although lets face reality here – Posh was internationally more famous than her husband to be at the time they met as the Spice Girls were cresting on a wave of hit singles! But with the demise of the Spice Girls, Victoria and David managed to provide the tabloids with breathless displays of wealth and tackiness, Victoria achieved independent acclaim for being dieting herself down to skeletal size (but swears she eats healthily and is now reportedly writing a book for ‘curvaceous women’) and David actually went onto to become a successful football star. And this seemed to be fine fodder for the next, ooh, 8 years or so.

But now with the World Cup in play, the focus of the tabloid media has spread from just the Beckham’s to all the Wives and Girlfriends (WAG’s) of the England Football team. So now these girls are portrayed in skimpy clothing, shopping by day and drinking hard by night. This is the ‘glamourous’ lifestyle portrayed by the media outlets, this is the only way to instant success – show copious amounts of flesh and drink hard and hang around with the football players, and success is yours! None of these girls (except Victoria, who has reportedly been much more secluded than the others) have anything to their names except their ability to show flesh and drink – what will happen if they split with their up and coming football partner?!

However, lets turn this on its head for a moment. Where are the scantily clad guys with rippling 6-pack abs hurling themselves repeatedly and desperately at women sports athletes? Does Anna Kournikova walk out at the end of a match to a surging mass of male flash all trying desperately to get past the police barricade and into her pants? Does Michelle Kwan eventually slip into some dark ally and let some guy have sex with her because he has followed her around the world? Do guys work their way up the golfing chain of successful women with the goal of sleeping with Annika Sorenstam? No! And why not? Probably because for one, they’d be called STALKERS and hauled off by the justice system, and secondly, because men (at least in this regard) seem to have a bit more self-respect! Thats not to say there aren’t male groupies, but even when crossing over to look at the music scene, male bands seem to be historically followed by female groupies which are heavily exploited, but the female bands… well the men don’t seem to like women who are more successful than them so the male groupie numbers are greatly reduced!

So with the tabloids clearly proving that to be interviewed and gossiped about, you have to date football stars and not musicians, the women have switched their attention to the athletes. And its worked. Sort of. But lets face reality here – what athlete, no matter how low his moral standards – is really going to end up dating a football groupie because she hurled herself repeatedly at him until he had sleezy sex with her in some dark corner? Even if they have sex with these women, I am sure the girlfriends being written up about are women the athletes either knew before they became ‘legends’ or ‘potential legends’ or met through the more traditional routes of friends and work. They aren’t the scantily clad women they had meaningless sex with in a dark alley!

In the end, I wonder how women can have so utterly lost their moral compass and self-respect to do this. Walking the streets of London, I see many women dressed badly and provocatively in uncomfortably tight clothing. Its not some misconceived notion of ’empowerment’ or righteousness that really seems to drive them to dress like this (the men sure as hell aren’t putting on a smorgasbord of flesh for women in London – and what yo do see, you don’t really want to see!) because deep down, you can see the insecurity that seems to underlie these women’s principles: the media says if they don’t expose copious amounts of flesh, then no man will be attracted to them. They are dressing like this not because they want to (although I am sure many have convinced themselves they are), its because the male-driven media has said this is the only way men will be taken with you.

And so in London as in Sydney, women tend to dress in the ‘latest’ provocative clothing, in a desperate desire to ‘appear hot’ and ‘not like a tart’ to land a man. Whereas everywhere else in Europe, the women dress to make themselves look good, and if looking good means you don’t expose copious amounts of flesh, so be it, or if you can look good exposing yourself, you do. But I swear most European women dress to make themselves look good and not what fashion/media dictate they should be wearing, and are thus envied by the English-speaking women everywhere who wonder why European women always look stunning while they look like a bag of rags.

I wouldn’t be so distressed by this trend if it was evident in men, but its not. It is very demeaning and soul destroying to be brainwashed into thinking your body is your passport to celebritydom, riches or success. It rather defeats all the freedoms that women fought for after WWII was over. Cant the women of the English-speaking world at least unite enough to realise if a guy was behaving in this way, he’d be a stalker and pervert – and in reality, that is what these women who succumb to this idea of success are. I really hope women find their self-respect again. This isn’t about empowerment. If it is, its false empowerment, because the men aren’t stripping down to attract women, the men aren’t going with women to male strip clubs, the men aren’t following sports athletes or musicians around thinking this is the only way they will ever accomplish anything in life.

But I really do believe this is about a total collapse of self-respect in women.

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